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A Message from Jeremy Handscomb Posted on: 1/02/2017

A Message from Jeremy Handscomb

Well, January is nearly behind us and I have it on good authority that we’re gaining four minutes of daylight each day at the moment - good news! As you know, I pop up all over the place at Castle as I have the privilege of teaching all of our groups of children at some point during each term. From this term onwards, I have been joining Mr Penn and Miss Paull for their maths and writing teaching most mornings, so that we are able to give Year 5 and 6 separate curriculums and smaller, more focused groups for their learning. I am passionate about children doing their very best and it has been an absolute delight to see the year 5 and 6 children working so hard - I am very proud of them. I also have the pleasure of teaching Corfe class once per week, Tiny Turrets once per fortnight and seeing how Cadbury and Dartmouth are getting on with their learning on a regular basis. This week, I have been particularly impressed with the progress that all our children have made with their writing since September. As a team, we are going to be working hard to display this progress in our classrooms so you can see how well your child is doing. Don’t forget that you are always welcome to pop in after school to see how your child is getting on.  ‘Although we were disappointed to not be able to have held our stargazing evening yesterday due to the weather, we are going to try again for next week. We have provisionally earmarked Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th February - we will make a decision first thing on Monday morning and let you know which of the two dates looks best weather-wise! Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you there.’Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

3 Blog Posts found

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