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A Message from Mr Nation Posted on: 8/09/2020

A Message from Mr Nation

Dear parents/carers,  It's lovely to see the children returning to school looking so smart and full of excitement. Any anxieties were soon eased and we've had a brilliant start to the school year. All the parents I've spoken with are pleased with the new arrangements and said that overall, things are working well. However, I'm aware that the logistics of dropping off and collecting some of the children from school needs refinement.  To this end, I write with details of new arrangements for drop off and collection which come into effect from tomorrow, Wednesday 9th September 2020. Mrs Liddell will be present to assist but please ensure you read these instructions to ensure a smooth transition. There will now be a one way system in place.  1. All parents enter via the gate that leads to the main reception, walk along the front of the school building and walk onto the playground.  2. Cones with class names will be positioned near the entrance to each class. (Nursery + Drogo as per normal, Corfe next to the classroom door, Totnes entrance will be at the bottom of the steps near the 'clamber stack', Dunster and Tintagel will have cones placed in front of the swimming pool fence). 3. Once you have walked onto the playground via the 'new' entrance, please take your child to their designated cone and wait for the class teacher to collect. We encourage the older children to access the school grounds independently  4. After the class teacher has collected your child, please leave via the main gates at the top of the playground.  5. Signs will indicate the new one way system to guide you on and off the playground.  6. If you have children in different classes, please move between cones to collect/drop off each child at the allotted time.  7. Upon collection your children will be waiting at the designated cones at the collection times.  Drop Off / Collection Times Nursery: 0845 – 1445 Drogo + Corfe 0850 – 1505 Totnes 0855 – 1510 Dunster+Tintagel 0900 - 1515 Wherever possible, we encourage parents to walk/cycle their children to school. Bike racks are available on the playground at the entrance and exit; please use the one closest to your child's classroom. We expect all parents to socially distance themselves whilst on and near the school grounds.  My thanks to you all for your positive comments over the past two days and recognition of the efforts the school has gone to. I'm grateful to the team for their continued commitment and to your children who have, as always, been an absolute delight. Gareth Nation  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

1 Blog Post found

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