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A message from Mr Nation Posted on: 30/04/2021

A message from Mr Nation

Life is certainly beginning to feel a little more ‘normal’ in school. Clubs are now up and running, Forest School and Premier Sports are in full flow and the school is buzzing with energy and excitement.  As I’m writing this, I can hear 22 EYFS/KS1 children taking part in a drumming session (their first of many) and others are on the school field participating in their sports club. Bikeability will soon be taking place for some of our older children in KS2 and it couldn’t be more timely. I’ve had some parents express their concerns over children cycling in large groups in the middle of the road through the village. We’re not sure who these children are but if your child cycles around Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, can you please remind them the importance of staying safe.  During assemblies, we’ve been focusing on our School Vision, ‘Together We’re Stronger’ as well as ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’. As a team, we are passionate about supporting the children to understand the importance of acceptance and have been discussing how we feel ‘safe’ around those who are similar to us. We’ve paid particular attention to accepting those who may look, speak, behave or sound different to us. Please help your child to understand the meaning of the words ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’.  Earlier this week, we had an external review of our school conducted by an education consultant with over 42 years of experience. He was very complimentary about many aspects of Castle Primary and recognised the journey of improvement we have been on since our last OFSTED inspection. Well done team Castle. We now have some clear actions for us to grow in strength.  Can I gently remind everyone that KS2 children must wear a tie. Some of the children have returned without them. Several children are also wearing trainers. Again, this is not part of our school uniform. School uniforms must be worn whilst at school. Many thanks in advance for your understanding with this. As a school, we have taken several measures to ensure the safety of our children and staff. Please ensure you are wearing a mask when on the playground, this includes those who drop off / collect their children from Camelot Club.  Finally, we are continuing to ensure the children understand the importance of reading and that it is key to accessing everything in the world. You can support your child by letting them read to you at least 4 times per week and by reading to them. Your support and understanding with all of the above is greatly appreciated and most importantly, has a positive  impact on your wonderful childrenCategories: 1 CategorySchool News

1 Blog Post found

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