Illness and Medication

Please phone the school on 01935 822342  before 8:45am. to let us know if your child is ill. In the mornings before school you will be able to leave a message explaining why your child is not in school. If a child has been sick we request that they remain off school for 48hours to ensure they are fully recovered. If your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox, slap cheek or measles please let us know as soon as possible. If a child has certain illnesses that require them to remain away from school, your doctor should be able to advise you, however if you are unsure please contact reception and we will refer to the advice we receive form the Health Authority.

If a child has an ongoing medical issue such as diabetes or asthma the school works with the relevant health professionals and parents to ensure medication is available and accessed during the school day and that trained staff are on hand if required.

If your child requires medication during the school day please speak to your class teachers who will arrange for the necessary paperwork to be completed with you. We would however request that when completing a course of medication that you arrange, where possible, to ask the GP for a 3 dose antibiotic, for example, which can be administered before and after school. No pupil should bring medication into school to self administer without the knowledge of the child’s teacher.

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